We are an easy to work with small manufacturer, focused on low complexity solutions.

Direct Communication

One-on-one working relationship

Startup Mindset

Focus on the work that matters

80/20 Rule

Lets work together to get 80% of the way there with 20% of the work.

Grow with you

Lets start small, work out the details, and then grow together.

Fabricate. weld. paint.

We can manage as little or as much of your manufacturing needs as you want.  Design, cutting, fabricating, welding and paint.




Client Testimonials

“The FACTORY MACHINE did an excellent job taking my frame design from a CAD model to the finished product. We collaborated closely throughout the build process. They made the components accurately. Then they were welded exactly per the design. The weld quality was top notch! I put the frame to the test afterwards. It performed exactly as expected.”
Winding Creek Manufacturing

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